Get To Know Me Day 2- My Favorite Quote

My absolute favorite quote actually comes from a song, “Let Them Be Little” by Billy Dean. If you are wondering who on earth is Billy Dean hes a country singer(who I was lucky enough to see in concert with Reba McEntire and Linda Davis when I was 14, 20ish years ago…. definitly showing my age with this post 😉 

I always liked this song but when my middle son graduated Kindergarten they played a video with pictures from the year as well as this song. I bawled like a baby(wish I could say it was all the pregnancy hormones) but I am pretty sure that it was a combination of my boy was no longer itty bitty and hormones lol! 


Let Them Be Little, such a short quote, yet it hits  you right in the gut. No matter how hard we try  to keep them little, and wish they’d stop growing they never seem to. 

From a cuddly newborn, to a walking toddler, pre-k,kindergarten they all seem to fly before and before you know it you have teenagers standing before you. Each day is truly a blessing, even the toughest days eventually seem to disappear. Be grateful for the messes,spills, up all night with a sick kid, and even the meltdowns because one day your house will be quiet and most likely clean. 


Im linking the lyrics to this song below, take a few mins of your day to check it out. 

~Carrie ♥


Let Them Be Little Lyrics




💙Boy Parenting the things NO one warns you about. 💙

The Pre-teen years NO one can warn you about those. One minute they are happy as can be ans then the next crying over absolutely nothing like ” how was your day bud” turns into a cry session even when it was a good day!! 

Mind you I have ALL boys, so I dont have to worry about female issues but Ive came to conclusion that there is some type of “male cycle” and it’s brutal. 😖

Middle school has to be the hardest years of a kids life. Trying to adjust to switching classes, more homework, even school functions can cause chaos. Tonight for example was the middle school dance. My 12yr old went, and about 45 mins before the dance is over I get a message from one of the teachers telling me he’s having a BAD night. So i go get him only to find out hes a crying mess before we even get to the car. Asked him several times what happend etc and he screams nothing and starts crying again.

By this time I’m finally at a loss for what to even do. After a few hours and even talking to a friend of ours he finally opens up and the whole melt down is over girl 👧. 
Ohhhh now it makes sense but seriously kiddo your 12 and in 7th grade. This mama is NOT even close to ready for heartbreaks and the meltdowns that come along with it. 

There is one thing I do know about being a boy mom, no matter how good or bad the day, how Gray my hair gets and how exhausting some days maybe. These 3 boys are my entire world and I be the best mom I can be to them everyday of my life.” Blessed even when Stressed”


~Carrie ❤

Get to Know Me in 30 Days~ Day 1 

Good Evening!! 🌝

For todays Get to Know Me, I wanted to introduce myself and share a little about me. 

I’ m Carrie, mom to 3 amazing boys and we live in Southern Wisconsin.I grew up in Northern Illinois about 20 miles from where I currently live. When I created my blog name I could only think of one major aspect in my life being a Firefighter’s family, theres some days its insane pager going off, sirens and well the shiny side the lights. So after tossing around the different ideas I decided on Lights and Sirens Kind of Life. Its definitely challenging some days but I wouldnt change it for the world.

I enjoy painting and DIY projects as well as playing cards. My favorite project has to be pallets there is so much you can do it amazes me. 

Coffee is a MUST every morning, I’m praying someday they will invent a coffee pot that dispenses coffee to you in bed(a girl can dream right ☕)


I have a large family on both sides and I love it. Lots of aunts and uncles, cousins, nephews and a niece. Plus the nieces and nephews of friends kids. 

Family means the world to me, and I cherish every single moment with them. 

Stay tuned for more about me in the next 30 days. 


Planter Fascitis- I made a Roller Bottle blend for that!!

Planter Fascitis pain is literally a pain in the foot.  I searched and searched Pinterest for some type of oil that would help. I took everything I had to stand up and walk on my left foot.  Finally I found a recipe but it called for Copaiba Oil which I did not have …

So after much talking myself into going to town, I went to Basic’s to see if they had the oils I needed to make at least a oil to massage into my feet.

While shopping I found the oils I needed as well as a few that Ive been wanting. I have been using Aura Cacia oils and I love the prices, I found some Wintergreen Oil yesterday for $5.79 for 15ml, and they had coupons for $1.25 off each bottle(who doesnt love coupons). And I was able to find a roller bottle for $1.29 so I knew I was set once I got home.

The Recipe I came up with after realizing I was also out of Young Livings RC oil is posted below.

DIY Planter Fascitis Roller Bottle Blend(10 ml Roller Bottle)

20 Drops- RC( I improvised and used Breathe Blend by Healing Solutions

20 Drops- Aura Cacia Wintergreen

20- Drops Frankincense

20 Drops Aura Cacia Lemongrass

Top off with Carrier Oil of your choice.

Once I got it all mixed up  and tried it out. I am proud to say it works, I wasnt able to stand on my left foot by 6 last night. Put the oil on and was actually able to make dinner and do some errands last night with minimal pain. Before bed I put it on again and this morning when I got up I was able to do it without any pain when I got out of bed which is huge for me. Usually its very painful and feels like charlie horses in my feet and ankles.


To Shop Amazon for Oils used please follow these links below.

Blogs up!!! And making Homemade Dishwasher Tabs :)

After debating how to make a blog, where to start, do I really have what it takes to do this, and every other doubt under the sun I decided to just go for it.

My main goal is to connect with others as well as share ideas and nifty tricks I have discovered along the way.
My weekend was pretty laid back. Housework(yes, who doesnt love this chore) and I finally said that I’m going to make those Homemade Dishwasher tabs I seen on Pinterest. Made those last night and I have to say they are heavenly!!! Here is the link to those check out this blog amazing stuff on there)
Seriously by far best tabs I’ve ever used. Cascade and Finish have nothing on these.

Mixed it all up

Who woulda thought ice cube trays could be so versitile😮

Finished product. I used one last night woke up this morning wondering if dishes were going to be clean and shiny or spotty and gross. I am very happy to say they looked amazing even my favorite coffee cup was sparkly!!!!

Weekend was a success. How was your weekend. What was the highlight of your weekend???
~Carrie ❤