The Dreaded Flu has hit our house-Day 2

As you know from the previous post my boy came home from school yesterday with the pukes. After diffusing with ” BYE BYE GERMS” last night he was still feeling tired today, but much more his silly self today! 

I woke up this morning with a pounding headache and by 2pm, the chills and stomach ache set in. Even after taking a much needed nap I still felt horrible. 

I recalled seeing a detox bath recipe on Pinterest and swore I saved it but ohhhh NO lol, I couldnt find it. So after a little search I was able to find it 🙂 The link below is to Be Witchin Kitchen’s blog, and she is amazing. 

I did tweek her recipe just a tad 🙂 The Bewitchin Kitchen

Id like to call it amazing, fantastic, the best thing I have ever tried bath recipe, its seriously that good 😉 

The originial recipe called for sea salt which I unfortunately did not have. So I decided to add some Lavendar essential oil just for some scent. 

2cups of Epsom Salt (I use Rexall from Dollar General) 

1 Cup Baking Soda(Aldis brand)

2 Tbsp Powdered Ginger (Aldis brand)

3-5  Natures Truth Lavendar Essential Oil

I started the bath with water as hot as I could possibly make it, added the above ingredients and soaked for 40 minutes. You will sweat not even going to lie, I was thinking the entire time ewwwww now I need a shower to not be sweaty. I also drank a big glass of water during because I started feeling a tad dizzy. Once I was out of the tub, I got my comfy jammies back on, and sat down on couch cuddled with my comforter and watched Grey’s Anatomy. My headache was gone within a 1/2 hour of being out of the bath.

Its about 4 hours later now and I feel pretty darn good right now. Tomorrow is a busy morning, but I promise I will follow up this post and let everyone know how I am feeling tomorrow. I am so glad I found this recipe definitly one I will be keeping for years and years to come, and will be passing it onto the boys when they are older and call me MOMMMMMMMM help 😉 




The dreaded flu has hit our house-Day 1

Nothing makes a mom sad like the a phone call from the school, Carrie…… your son is here in office and throwing up. Well nothing besides being an hour away 😦 Thankfully I am blessed with an amazing friend who saved the day!!! 

As you can tell from my first couple of blog posts, I LOVE essential oils. As soon as I walked in the door I broke out the oils and started diffusing.  I set up a diffuser in his bedroom as well with the blend I like to call ” BYE BYE GERMS” 


3 Drops-Aura Cacia Organic Lemon Essential Oil

3-Drops  My Version of Four Thieves Oil Blend

3 Drops  My Version of Purification Essential Oil Blend

** I found both the Four Thieves Blend and Purification versions on Check Out Deep Roots at Homes Page its AMAZING**


I meant to post this blog last night but it was a long tiring night, so I am getting it out today. He is feeling better still sleepy but much better than yesterday! 





Planter Fascitis- I made a Roller Bottle blend for that!!

Planter Fascitis pain is literally a pain in the foot.  I searched and searched Pinterest for some type of oil that would help. I took everything I had to stand up and walk on my left foot.  Finally I found a recipe but it called for Copaiba Oil which I did not have …

So after much talking myself into going to town, I went to Basic’s to see if they had the oils I needed to make at least a oil to massage into my feet.

While shopping I found the oils I needed as well as a few that Ive been wanting. I have been using Aura Cacia oils and I love the prices, I found some Wintergreen Oil yesterday for $5.79 for 15ml, and they had coupons for $1.25 off each bottle(who doesnt love coupons). And I was able to find a roller bottle for $1.29 so I knew I was set once I got home.

The Recipe I came up with after realizing I was also out of Young Livings RC oil is posted below.

DIY Planter Fascitis Roller Bottle Blend(10 ml Roller Bottle)

20 Drops- RC( I improvised and used Breathe Blend by Healing Solutions

20 Drops- Aura Cacia Wintergreen

20- Drops Frankincense

20 Drops Aura Cacia Lemongrass

Top off with Carrier Oil of your choice.

Once I got it all mixed up  and tried it out. I am proud to say it works, I wasnt able to stand on my left foot by 6 last night. Put the oil on and was actually able to make dinner and do some errands last night with minimal pain. Before bed I put it on again and this morning when I got up I was able to do it without any pain when I got out of bed which is huge for me. Usually its very painful and feels like charlie horses in my feet and ankles.


To Shop Amazon for Oils used please follow these links below.

Blogs up!!! And making Homemade Dishwasher Tabs :)

After debating how to make a blog, where to start, do I really have what it takes to do this, and every other doubt under the sun I decided to just go for it.

My main goal is to connect with others as well as share ideas and nifty tricks I have discovered along the way.
My weekend was pretty laid back. Housework(yes, who doesnt love this chore) and I finally said that I’m going to make those Homemade Dishwasher tabs I seen on Pinterest. Made those last night and I have to say they are heavenly!!! Here is the link to those check out this blog amazing stuff on there)
Seriously by far best tabs I’ve ever used. Cascade and Finish have nothing on these.

Mixed it all up

Who woulda thought ice cube trays could be so versitile😮

Finished product. I used one last night woke up this morning wondering if dishes were going to be clean and shiny or spotty and gross. I am very happy to say they looked amazing even my favorite coffee cup was sparkly!!!!

Weekend was a success. How was your weekend. What was the highlight of your weekend???
~Carrie ❤