Get To Know Me Day 4- A Day in my life

My usually starts around 6:15-6:30am. The past few days have started way earlier(which has its perks… Extra coffee and more time to get things done around the house)

Once Im up its time to wake kids and get them up and moving for school. This task in itself usually requires mom to be on at least my 2nd cup of coffee. My 12 year old usually gets ready without a problem well unless you count the 25 mins in bathroom which I swear 23 mins consists of him playing with his hair to get it just “right”.

Then there’s my 6 year old. He gets up with tons of energy and always is ready to school but come time to get dressed and that all goes out the window lol. He loves to get half dressed then stand there and talk maybe put one sock on and run around the house. Its quite funny but oyyyyy nothing like rushing out the door because in his words ” Im good mom I can get dressed later”.

👆that right there my friends is parenting to a T 😂
Once kids are off to school. I normally have another cup of coffee then start my day. I started planning meals so last week has been pretty easy. If it requires crock pot I start dinner around 9am (who doesnt love the smell of dinnee cooking all day)

Laundry,dishes, housework and then errands.

Somedays during the day I try and have Mom time, go see my parents, hang out with a friend etc. The last 2 times ive gotten a call from school with a sick kid….. So i tell my mom this and shes like well apparently you are only allowed to be a mom today(ha!!!  I love her sense of humor)

Afterschool is homework time for 12yr old and little man goes to an afterschool program 4 days a week so that helps him and also helps mom because let me tell ya 7th grade homework is brutal. I dont recall it ever being so complicated when I was in 7th grade, although that was like 20yrs ago.

Then Supper, kids wind down time and bathtime.

Bedtime usually 8-830 for them on school nights, then I try to get a tv show or two in but the past few nights ive went to bed at same time as they do. And I wonder why Ive been waking up at 430am lol. But being up early also gives me more time to blog, and time to write down ideas for later blog ideas as well
Happy Tuesday Everyone have a wonderful Day!!!



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