The Dreaded Flu has hit our house-Day 2

As you know from the previous post my boy came home from school yesterday with the pukes. After diffusing with ” BYE BYE GERMS” last night he was still feeling tired today, but much more his silly self today! 

I woke up this morning with a pounding headache and by 2pm, the chills and stomach ache set in. Even after taking a much needed nap I still felt horrible. 

I recalled seeing a detox bath recipe on Pinterest and swore I saved it but ohhhh NO lol, I couldnt find it. So after a little search I was able to find it 🙂 The link below is to Be Witchin Kitchen’s blog, and she is amazing. 

I did tweek her recipe just a tad 🙂 The Bewitchin Kitchen

Id like to call it amazing, fantastic, the best thing I have ever tried bath recipe, its seriously that good 😉 

The originial recipe called for sea salt which I unfortunately did not have. So I decided to add some Lavendar essential oil just for some scent. 

2cups of Epsom Salt (I use Rexall from Dollar General) 

1 Cup Baking Soda(Aldis brand)

2 Tbsp Powdered Ginger (Aldis brand)

3-5  Natures Truth Lavendar Essential Oil

I started the bath with water as hot as I could possibly make it, added the above ingredients and soaked for 40 minutes. You will sweat not even going to lie, I was thinking the entire time ewwwww now I need a shower to not be sweaty. I also drank a big glass of water during because I started feeling a tad dizzy. Once I was out of the tub, I got my comfy jammies back on, and sat down on couch cuddled with my comforter and watched Grey’s Anatomy. My headache was gone within a 1/2 hour of being out of the bath.

Its about 4 hours later now and I feel pretty darn good right now. Tomorrow is a busy morning, but I promise I will follow up this post and let everyone know how I am feeling tomorrow. I am so glad I found this recipe definitly one I will be keeping for years and years to come, and will be passing it onto the boys when they are older and call me MOMMMMMMMM help 😉 



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