Valentine’s Day 2017

What is Valentine’s Day??? A day of love and caring(my 6 year olds version of what Valentine’s Day is!!) For me showing love and caring for others is a year round deal not just one special day. 

I still celebrate Valentine’s Day, especially for my boys. Valentine’s treats, a heart shaped pizza and of course extra cuddles and I love you’s. 

Today was an amazing day though, I received a special gift and I’m not even going to say I didnt get teary eyed. A friend messaged me and asked if I was home, they brought me the sweetest gifts and card. Totally made my day. 

I was absolutely suprised but seriously how beautiful are these flowers!!!! 💕🌷😘 And Wine eeeek I cant wait to try this!!! 

This is the neatest flower I have ever seen. 

I am beyond blessed with an amazing family and friends. 

I hope you all had an amazing Valentine’s Day!! I will end my post with a quote that warms my heart, and is so true. 

💕Happy Valentine’s Day!!!💕


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