Get To Know Me Day 2- My Favorite Quote

My absolute favorite quote actually comes from a song, “Let Them Be Little” by Billy Dean. If you are wondering who on earth is Billy Dean hes a country singer(who I was lucky enough to see in concert with Reba McEntire and Linda Davis when I was 14, 20ish years ago…. definitly showing my age with this post 😉 

I always liked this song but when my middle son graduated Kindergarten they played a video with pictures from the year as well as this song. I bawled like a baby(wish I could say it was all the pregnancy hormones) but I am pretty sure that it was a combination of my boy was no longer itty bitty and hormones lol! 


Let Them Be Little, such a short quote, yet it hits  you right in the gut. No matter how hard we try  to keep them little, and wish they’d stop growing they never seem to. 

From a cuddly newborn, to a walking toddler, pre-k,kindergarten they all seem to fly before and before you know it you have teenagers standing before you. Each day is truly a blessing, even the toughest days eventually seem to disappear. Be grateful for the messes,spills, up all night with a sick kid, and even the meltdowns because one day your house will be quiet and most likely clean. 


Im linking the lyrics to this song below, take a few mins of your day to check it out. 

~Carrie ♥


Let Them Be Little Lyrics




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