Get to Know Me in 30 Days~ Day 1 

Good Evening!! 🌝

For todays Get to Know Me, I wanted to introduce myself and share a little about me. 

I’ m Carrie, mom to 3 amazing boys and we live in Southern Wisconsin.I grew up in Northern Illinois about 20 miles from where I currently live. When I created my blog name I could only think of one major aspect in my life being a Firefighter’s family, theres some days its insane pager going off, sirens and well the shiny side the lights. So after tossing around the different ideas I decided on Lights and Sirens Kind of Life. Its definitely challenging some days but I wouldnt change it for the world.

I enjoy painting and DIY projects as well as playing cards. My favorite project has to be pallets there is so much you can do it amazes me. 

Coffee is a MUST every morning, I’m praying someday they will invent a coffee pot that dispenses coffee to you in bed(a girl can dream right ☕)


I have a large family on both sides and I love it. Lots of aunts and uncles, cousins, nephews and a niece. Plus the nieces and nephews of friends kids. 

Family means the world to me, and I cherish every single moment with them. 

Stay tuned for more about me in the next 30 days. 



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