Get To Know Me Day 4- A Day in my life

My usually starts around 6:15-6:30am. The past few days have started way earlier(which has its perks… Extra coffee and more time to get things done around the house)

Once Im up its time to wake kids and get them up and moving for school. This task in itself usually requires mom to be on at least my 2nd cup of coffee. My 12 year old usually gets ready without a problem well unless you count the 25 mins in bathroom which I swear 23 mins consists of him playing with his hair to get it just “right”.

Then there’s my 6 year old. He gets up with tons of energy and always is ready to school but come time to get dressed and that all goes out the window lol. He loves to get half dressed then stand there and talk maybe put one sock on and run around the house. Its quite funny but oyyyyy nothing like rushing out the door because in his words ” Im good mom I can get dressed later”.

👆that right there my friends is parenting to a T 😂
Once kids are off to school. I normally have another cup of coffee then start my day. I started planning meals so last week has been pretty easy. If it requires crock pot I start dinner around 9am (who doesnt love the smell of dinnee cooking all day)

Laundry,dishes, housework and then errands.

Somedays during the day I try and have Mom time, go see my parents, hang out with a friend etc. The last 2 times ive gotten a call from school with a sick kid….. So i tell my mom this and shes like well apparently you are only allowed to be a mom today(ha!!!  I love her sense of humor)

Afterschool is homework time for 12yr old and little man goes to an afterschool program 4 days a week so that helps him and also helps mom because let me tell ya 7th grade homework is brutal. I dont recall it ever being so complicated when I was in 7th grade, although that was like 20yrs ago.

Then Supper, kids wind down time and bathtime.

Bedtime usually 8-830 for them on school nights, then I try to get a tv show or two in but the past few nights ive went to bed at same time as they do. And I wonder why Ive been waking up at 430am lol. But being up early also gives me more time to blog, and time to write down ideas for later blog ideas as well
Happy Tuesday Everyone have a wonderful Day!!!


Meal Planning Rocks!!! Chicken Parm Sliders Recipe 

I started meal planning again a few weeks ago and its so much easier. 

Tonight’s Meal is Chicken Parm Sliders

I love Aldis I got about 90% of everything we needed for 3 meals a day menu plan for a whole Month for about $170. 

For the Chicken I use Kirkwood Parm Chicken Tenders from Aldis. 

Then the sauce is a family recipe(originally for meatballs)

1- 15oz can Tomato Sauce 

1/4 c Water 

1/4 c Parmesan Cheese

1/8 tsp Garlic Salt(or u can use 1/4 tsp Italian Seasoning)

Add all ingredients together cook in sauce pan on low. 

While sauce is cooking bake Chicken Parm Tenders as directed
When Tenders are done, pull out of oven, cut each tender in half. On seperate pan place bottoms of slider buns, top with chicken, add sauce, mozzarella cheese, sprinkle with parm cheese and top with bun put back in oven long enough for cheese to melt. Or use broiler until cheese is lightly browned. 

If you want more of a garlic bread lightly spread on a little butter and a sprinkle of garlic salt to buns. 


The Dreaded Flu has hit our house-Day 2

As you know from the previous post my boy came home from school yesterday with the pukes. After diffusing with ” BYE BYE GERMS” last night he was still feeling tired today, but much more his silly self today! 

I woke up this morning with a pounding headache and by 2pm, the chills and stomach ache set in. Even after taking a much needed nap I still felt horrible. 

I recalled seeing a detox bath recipe on Pinterest and swore I saved it but ohhhh NO lol, I couldnt find it. So after a little search I was able to find it 🙂 The link below is to Be Witchin Kitchen’s blog, and she is amazing. 

I did tweek her recipe just a tad 🙂 The Bewitchin Kitchen

Id like to call it amazing, fantastic, the best thing I have ever tried bath recipe, its seriously that good 😉 

The originial recipe called for sea salt which I unfortunately did not have. So I decided to add some Lavendar essential oil just for some scent. 

2cups of Epsom Salt (I use Rexall from Dollar General) 

1 Cup Baking Soda(Aldis brand)

2 Tbsp Powdered Ginger (Aldis brand)

3-5  Natures Truth Lavendar Essential Oil

I started the bath with water as hot as I could possibly make it, added the above ingredients and soaked for 40 minutes. You will sweat not even going to lie, I was thinking the entire time ewwwww now I need a shower to not be sweaty. I also drank a big glass of water during because I started feeling a tad dizzy. Once I was out of the tub, I got my comfy jammies back on, and sat down on couch cuddled with my comforter and watched Grey’s Anatomy. My headache was gone within a 1/2 hour of being out of the bath.

Its about 4 hours later now and I feel pretty darn good right now. Tomorrow is a busy morning, but I promise I will follow up this post and let everyone know how I am feeling tomorrow. I am so glad I found this recipe definitly one I will be keeping for years and years to come, and will be passing it onto the boys when they are older and call me MOMMMMMMMM help 😉 



The dreaded flu has hit our house-Day 1

Nothing makes a mom sad like the a phone call from the school, Carrie…… your son is here in office and throwing up. Well nothing besides being an hour away 😦 Thankfully I am blessed with an amazing friend who saved the day!!! 

As you can tell from my first couple of blog posts, I LOVE essential oils. As soon as I walked in the door I broke out the oils and started diffusing.  I set up a diffuser in his bedroom as well with the blend I like to call ” BYE BYE GERMS” 


3 Drops-Aura Cacia Organic Lemon Essential Oil

3-Drops  My Version of Four Thieves Oil Blend

3 Drops  My Version of Purification Essential Oil Blend

** I found both the Four Thieves Blend and Purification versions on Check Out Deep Roots at Homes Page its AMAZING**


I meant to post this blog last night but it was a long tiring night, so I am getting it out today. He is feeling better still sleepy but much better than yesterday! 





Get To Know Me Day 3- 15 Randoms 

Happy Wednesday everyone!!! Todays Get To Know Me maybe a little silly and randoms are my favorite way to get to know someone. 

1. I am 34

2. I am addicted to Medical/Fire/Police type TV shows. Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Chicago Med, and Grey’ Anatomy. Im patiently waiting for Chicago Justice to come out. 

3. I have 3 sisters and 1 brother. I am also the oldest 

4. I love country music 🎶 but 80s music (hairbands especially) is on my must listen to daily list.

5. Even though I live in Wisconsin I am always going to be a Chicago Bears 🏈 and Cubs fan ⚾. Even if everyone here gives me a hardtime. 

6. We live the firefighter family life, I would not change it for the world. One thing I have learned in almost 10years of being a firemans family is that if you go grocery, shopping to eat, or anywhere not home or the station drive seperate unless u wanna walk home or get left 😂

7. Even though we are a Fire family we support the PD 100%, even if their uniform is a different color they are still Family ❤💙

8. Coffee is a must. Its like a magic bean that makes every morning so much better. 

9. I’m new to essential oils but I am addicted. Never realized how amazing they are. 

10. I believe in always helping others. Even if its a simple smile and hello in passing brightening someone elses day is worth every second. 

11. I love cooking, and baking. I recently start meal planning again and its so much easier. Especially when everyone has some input and you are able to make dinners everyone likes. 

12. I have always wanted to be a nurse or an EMT. 

13. Christmas is my favorite holiday. Not receiving gifts but seeing the joy on other someones face is the best thing ever.

14. My favorite movie is Footloose. The 1984 version as much as I like the new version the original wins every time. 

15. I will only eat one brand of Chip Dip. And thats Deans French Onion Dip. There is just something about it that I love. 

Valentine’s Day 2017

What is Valentine’s Day??? A day of love and caring(my 6 year olds version of what Valentine’s Day is!!) For me showing love and caring for others is a year round deal not just one special day. 

I still celebrate Valentine’s Day, especially for my boys. Valentine’s treats, a heart shaped pizza and of course extra cuddles and I love you’s. 

Today was an amazing day though, I received a special gift and I’m not even going to say I didnt get teary eyed. A friend messaged me and asked if I was home, they brought me the sweetest gifts and card. Totally made my day. 

I was absolutely suprised but seriously how beautiful are these flowers!!!! 💕🌷😘 And Wine eeeek I cant wait to try this!!! 

This is the neatest flower I have ever seen. 

I am beyond blessed with an amazing family and friends. 

I hope you all had an amazing Valentine’s Day!! I will end my post with a quote that warms my heart, and is so true. 

💕Happy Valentine’s Day!!!💕